Old people housing


  • federal govt gives $ per unit
  • portion of rent goes to reserves

Types of old people housing

intentional community of elderly (just a large house) or a campus like https://atlanticheightsretirement.com/

  • housing near assisted living (independent housing)
  • rehab
  • assisted living
    • looks like an apartment
  • long term care or extended stays
    • private room or semi private (room-mate)
  • memory care
  • hospice

there's a 3 years waiting list for seal rock

1. Rent a regular house near assisted living (on same campus)
2. For short visits go to rehab
3. Go to assisted living (one floor) -- you get called every morning to make sure you're ok but you do everything yourself
4. Next you go to memory care or long term care
5. Next you go to hospice or die


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