Get US tourist visa without interview


□ □ Your current passport
□ □ DS-160 CEAC confirmation page. (DS160 application cannot be reused. A new DS160 application needs to be filled for each time applicant applies for the visa)
□ □ Your current or most recent visa copy
□ □ One copy of the Interview Waiver confirmation letter
□ □ One recent 2 x 2 inches (50 mm X 50 mm) color photograph. YOU MAY NOT SUBMIT THE SAME PHOTOGRAPH THAT APPEARED ON YOUR LAST VISA.
□ □ Supporting documentation (photo copy)

To pickup the passport for someone else

Representative collecting passport:

  • Photocopy of Applicant's government-issued photo ID.
  • Authorization letter from the applicant in original.
  • DS160 confirmation page or Appointment confirmation letter is preferred.
  • Original government-issued photo ID of the authorized person with a copy
  • Click here for format of the Authorization Letter

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