Plan for getting over jetlag when flying from KTM to SFO on Korean Air


Advantages of this plan:
  • You're getting a full night's sleep each day and you're not trying to sleep on the flight. Watch movies, read books, talk to your travel buddy, eat good food instead
  • You're shifting your sleep so you're going to bed late (roughly an hour) each day which is easier than going to bed early (science)
  1. During your last few days in KTM shift your sleep and go to bed late. The closer to 1am (i.e. noon in SFO) the better
  2. KE 696 lands at 2am Nepal time (i.e. 1pm in SFO). Go to sleep immediately at the airport hotel
  3. KE 23 lands at 11am. Go to sleep at 2pm (i.e. 3am in KTM)
  4. Shift your sleep by an hour everyday. So by your 4th day you're sleeping at 6pm and you're good to go

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  • 8 months ago by vince