2. Your Inner Roommate


  • the only way to find peace is to stop thinking about yourself
  • the "I" that is always talking will never be content
  • before your current problem there was a different problem and if you're wise you'll realize that after this one there will be another one
  • you'll be free of problems after you are free from the part in you that has so many problems
  • if you have a problem don't ask "what should I do about it" and instead ask "what part of me is disturbed by this" -- the the former you have already believed there's a problem to be worked on
  • next ask "who sees this inner disturbance" -- if you can see the disturbance it means you are not it
  • you are the witness and the disturbance is the object
  • for true inner freedom you must objectively watch the disturbance instead of being lost in it
  • the permanent solution to problems is let go of the part inside you that has so many problems with reality and then you'll be clear enough to deal with what's left
  • be aware of that part of you. who is it that sees it. who notices the changes. you'll notice you're watching a human -- this is your "roommate"
  • imagine this voice is a real person talking -- you'll soon try to get away as far as possible from this neurotic person
  • for some reason since it's not a real person we feel like we owe the voice an answer to everything it says
  • in reality if it was a real person you would not listen to that person or go to them for advice
  • this is your life -- reclaim it from your roommate and be firm in the seat of the witness

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"Why are you blue and not any other colour?" the boy asked the sky. And the sky smiled and said, "Because your eyes see me as blue." "And the grass?" the boy asked. "Because we look green to you in your eyes," the grass beneath his feet replied. "How come?" asked the boy. "Close your eyes" whispered the trees around. "Now, do u see the colour of the sky, the grass or the trees?" "No" said the boy closing his eyes. "They are all the same. One big space." And many years later, when the boy grew up into a man, he understood