Build a bigger portfolio of supportive allies


Great article from WSJ about how different people can help us manage different moods and how to build a portfolio of supportive allies: Link

Here's the TLDR:
  1. One person can’t help us with every mood
  2. We function best when we create a portfolio of supportive people
  3. The people we enlist to help us with our emotions are ones we believe care about us
  4. People don’t think about the strength of their social networks until they need them
  5. Ask yourself: what are my interests and what qualities am I looking for in friends? Do I want people who are physically available or do I care more about emotional depth?
  6. Join a club, sign up for a class or volunteer because regular contact fosters intimacy
  7. Add professionals to your network. A therapist is a good start but consider adding a life coach, religious counselor, yoga teacher, nutritionist, personal trainer, meditation teacher, massage therapist, or work mentor
  8. Prune your portfolio if someone is selfish, negative or undermining -- don’t look to that person for support

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