Have better conversations


Great tips by Terry Gross on the NYT for having better conversations: Link

Here's the TLDR:
  1. “Tell me about yourself" is the only icebreaker you’ll ever need and avoids making someone uncomfortable or self-conscious since it's so broad
  2. Be genuinely curious, and want to hear what the other person is telling you. You can then respond to what somebody is saying by expressing if you're feeling sympathy or empathy, and explaining why
  3. Be funny if you can. If you can't then being mentally organized, reasonably concise and energetic will go a long way in impressing people
  4. Prepare beforehand
  5. Take control by pivoting to something you want to talk about, for example by saying "let me share an experience"
  6. If you're going to doge a question you can do it honestly, for example “I’m afraid by answering that I’m going to hurt somebody’s feelings and I don’t want to do that"
  7. Pay attention to body language, for example if you’ve kind of lost somebody’s attention so you can avoid boring them. And vice versa "I’d love to talk some more, but I’m really late"
  8. Tell people that if you ask them anything too personal they should let you know and you'll move on

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