Metabolic Equivalent


Great article from NPR about how reframing how we think about exercise makes a new habit stick: Link

Here's the TLDR:
  1. All movement counts, e.g. walking up the stairs. It doesn't have to mean sweating on a treadmill
  2. Think of it as METS. Sitting and doing nothing has a MET of 1, i.e. you're at your resting metabolic rate, so an activity with a MET of 2 means you're at twice your resting metabolic rate. Walking across the room is 2 METS
  3. To get a moderately intense workout the magic number is between 3 and 6 METS
  4. You should getting at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week
  5. Think of it as putting pennies in a piggy-bank -- it all adds up
  6. The more you exercise the stronger you will feel and the more your body will crave it
  7. Exercise is a bodily need and you won't feel right without it
  8. Losing weight isn't a good motivator for exercise since the benefits are too far in the future -- we are not wired to strive for long term payoff. Focus on the immediate rewards for exercise, for example your mood, to stay motivated

"When you have more energy and you're a happier person, you bring that much more enthusiasm and energy and performance to your role in your work, your patience as a parent, and as a partner"

MET Activity
1 Sitting on your butt
2 Walking across the room
3.5 Mopping
4 Climbing stairs slowly
9 Climbing stairs quickly
7.5 Biking
5.3 Hiking or walking at a normal pace through fields and hillsides

Find the METs for any activity here

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