Train your memory


Great article from WSJ by a memory champion (who can memorize 10,000 numbers) on how to train your memory. His book is available here. What I love about it is that having a good memory, like most things, is not something you are born with but something that can be taught and practiced 

Here's the TLDR:

  • Humans have evolved to recognize people, places, thanks, and sensory/emotional experiences better than data
  • Use imagination to remember people's names. For example the author has a red beard and his name is Nelson so you could imagine Nelson Mandela with a red beard
  • To remember numbers turn them into a brain friendly form as a 3-2-2 person-action-object sequence so you can remember 7 numbers chunks. Not only is it vivid it is also efficient - to remember a sequence of 10 million numbers you need only 1200 associations
  • You can also do this to memorize a deck of cards by looking at it just once. Make your own list of 52 people, 52 actions, and 52 objects for each card. Then go on a "memory walk" -- with just 17 stops you can remember 51 cards

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