Hopes and Dreams

Post a goal and work backwards till your skills matches the prerequisites. Then decide if the work required is worth achieving the goal. If it is relentlessly move forward to make your goals happen

Learn how to sing

I found out too late in life that yes, you can be taught most things that I thought you had to have innate abilities for, such as being able to draw, have a higher emotional intelligence, being goo...

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Search Classes Online

City of San Rafael San Rafael Community Center Marinwood Rec Center City of Novato

Reduce stress/have fun

Go to museums, ceramics classes, pet cat, say yes to outings with friends, take ferry more often

Eat Well

Drink veggie juice daily No white rice, no pancakes

Lights off 9:30pm

Lose Weight

Lose 20 pounds, in a connected, spirited manner

Learn how to dance

Learn how to play Pokemon trading card game

also abbreviated as Pokemon TCG learn how to play in 15 mins from this youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSfBJ-EeFhc) buy the basic card set for 2 players on Amazon (https://www.amazon...

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Learn how to play poker

Regular cards If you know how to play Texas hold'em this you can play most versions of poker

Learn the rank of the hands

Scratch (nothing) One Pair Two Pair Three of a kind Straight (five cards in order, any suit) Flush (five cards any order, same suit) Full house (three of a kind and two of a kind) Four of a kind St...

Watch ESPN and learn betting

search for World Series poker

Go to Tahoe from Marin with family

3 1/2 hour drive places are considerably cheaper on weekdays take walkie talkies bike helmets if snow is packed, prevent hitting head on trees skateboard style dome helmets protect head better skul...

Make my daughter's favorite foods

I asked my 7 year old what her favorite foods are since that I thought it would be a good motivation to learn to cook. This is her list: Indian chicken (tandoori) Burritos (with just chicken and r...

Make great Miso soup at home

with Enoki mushrooms

Be calm and focused in the face of adversity

welcome every challenging situation as an opportunity to practice "At any moment your circumstances could take a turn for the worst. This you cannot control, but you can control your mind, and your...