Hopes and Dreams

Post a goal and work backwards till your skills matches the prerequisites. Then decide if the work required is worth achieving the goal. If it is relentlessly move forward to make your goals happen

Make my own font

I'd like to have my own font so I can type in "my handwriting". Resources - https://www.calligraphr.com - https://www.prototypo.io - https://superdevresources.com/create-your-own-font

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Make great Butter Chicken

I grew up eating the best butter chicken since our family had a hotel with an amazing and famous chef (who now has two restaurants in the Bay Area!). I want to know how to make a great butter chick...

Increase my circle of friends

Be in bed with lights out at the same time every evening

For me this is 10pm. I need to wake up at 7am so this would give me a 9 hour runway

Walk 45 minutes everyday

Rent a kayak in Marin


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Buy a roof rack for your kayak

Unless you have an inflatable kayak or want to rent you'll need this. I have a CX-5 so I went and got it installed at a local Mazda dealer