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The Secret Formula to a Long and Happy Life

Many of us spend our entire lives trying to achieve happiness and the perfect life balance to leave us fulfilled. So what is the key to living a full, fruitful life? In Japan, a concept called ikig...

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Comfort a Dying Person

We will all face painful moments sitting next to dying people. What can we say? “You will not be alone.” “You will not feel pain.” “We will be okay.” And when the person passes repeat the Three Mag...


I paid a few hundred dollars to see an orofacial myopathy therapist last year and found it quite useful. "Mewing" has some of the same techniques

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Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight

The simplicity of calorie-counting explains its appeal As a general rule it is true that if you eat vastly fewer calories than you burn, you’ll get slimmer labels on American packaged foods miss th...

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Train your memory

Great article from WSJ ( by a memory champion (who can memorize 10,000 numbers) on how to train your memory. His book is...

How successful people talk

"How are you?" is useless. The person asking doesn't really want to know, and the person responding doesn't tell the truth and this is a lost opportunity and meaningless exchange with zero connecti...

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Give and receive better feedback

there are no bad teams only bad leaders We humans do not do well when someone whose intentions are unclear tells us where we stand, how good we “really” are, and what we must do to fix ourselves. W...

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Practice Effectively

consistently at the edge of your abilities focused

Building a perfect team

certain personality characteristics are essential to helping groups work well together A good group needs a leader, a social secretary, a storyteller and a mixture of introverts and extroverts the ...

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Have a good end of life

"you don’t have to be a passive victim. You retain moral agency. You can keep shaping your life all the way to its end — as long as you seize the power to imagine, to arrange support and to plan" T...

Avoid processed foods

Eating ‘Ultraprocessed’ Foods Accelerates Risk of Early Death. “Ultraprocessed foods are manufactured industrially from multiple ingredients that usually include additives used for technological an...

Change emotions with a word

TLDR Using nouns instead of verbs reduces tension For example “I support the division of Jerusalem” which employs nouns is better than “I support dividing Jerusalem” which employs verbs Similarly "...

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Have better conversations

Great tips by Terry Gross on the NYT for having better conversations: Link ( Here's the TLDR: “Tell me about ...

Metabolic Equivalent

Great article from NPR about how reframing how we think about exercise makes a new habit stick: Link (

How to have a scout mindset

Perspective is everything, especially when it comes to examining your beliefs. Are you a soldier, prone to defending your viewpoint at all costs -- or a scout, spurred by curiosity? Julia Galef exa...

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One Simple Practice That Changes Everything

"Making sure that your intentions align with your real values is one of the best ways to lead the life you want. That’s why right intention is the key to the Buddha’s eightfold path"

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Build a bigger portfolio of supportive allies

Great article from WSJ about how different people can help us manage different moods and how to build a portfolio of supportive allies: Link (

Physical Health

Post basic info, requirements and charts here or as a subpost. For example information on Sleep Exercise Food Low stress


"Asana is the work management platform teams use to stay focused on the goals, projects, and daily tasks that grow business" It's an amazing piece of software that I use everyday....

Making Ideas Happen

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard. This book helps you with the hard part." This is one of my favorite books. The ideas in this book coupled with Asana is...