Overcoming Overwhelm

You deserve to feel well Overwhelm is both the cause and result of stress What happens when our body has to do more than it can handle Makes us feel hopeless -> depression -> eat unhealthy and stop...

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To change address Calling USCIS can take 30 days Filing online with USCIS takes 10 days

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Simple and easy self care

"Someone asked me, "Aren't you worried about the state of the world?" I allowed myself to breathe and then I said, "What is most important is not to allow anxiety about what happens in the world to...

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Setup family sharing

iOS -> settings -> iCloud -> Manage Storage -> Change Storage Plan

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Create expiring S3 URLs

Email secure links that expire after a chosen time With Ruby: With Python:

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Correcting a mistake on submitted I-130 application

correct typos here Call USCIS Contact Center at 800-375-5283 press 1 -> 2 -> 5 -> 3 -> 6 Mail with cover le...

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Negotiate like a boss

Negotiation is not a battle -- it's a process of discovery Mirror (for eg repeat the last 3 words) to keep people talking and bond with you and have them "reveal" themselves Smile Start with a late...

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Plan for getting over jetlag when flying from KTM to SFO on Korean Air

Advantages of this plan: You're getting a full night's sleep each day and you're not trying to sleep on the flight. Watch movies, read books, talk to your travel buddy, eat good food instead You're...

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Installing Rust To check whether you have Rust installed correctly, open a shell and enter this line: ruby rustc --version

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Testnet Installation Instructions for Ubuntu ruby git clone cd libra ./scripts/ ./scripts/cli/ ...

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Move Module

A Move module defines the rules for updating the global state of the Libra Blockchain. In the Libra protocol, a Move module is a smart contract. Each user-submitted transaction includes a transacti...


A raw transaction contains the following fields: - Sender (account address) - Transaction script - Gas price - Maximum gas amount - Sequence number - Expiration time - A signed transaction is a raw...

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Validator Node

Alternate name: Validators. A validator is an entity of the Libra ecosystem that validates the Libra Blockchain. It receives requests from clients and runs consensus, execution, and storage. A vali...

Execution Result

Execution result of a transaction is a combination of: The new state of the set of accounts affected by the transaction. The events emitted by executing the transaction. The exit code, which indica...

Move Bytecode

Move programs are compiled into Move bytecode. Move bytecode is used to express transaction scripts and Move modules.

Move virtual machine

The Move virtual machine executes transaction scripts written in Move bytecode to produce an execution result. This result is used to update the blockchain state. The virtual machine is part of a v...

First Class Resources

The key feature of Move is the ability to define custom resource types. Resource types are used to encode safe digital assets with rich programmability. Resources are ordinary values in the languag...

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Composable Smart Contracts

Move modules define the rules for updating the global state of the Libra Blockchain. Modules fill the same niche as smart contracts in other blockchain systems. Modules declare resource types that ...

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Programmable Transactions

Each Libra transaction includes a Move transaction script that encodes the logic a validator should perform on the client's behalf (for example, to move Libra from Alice's account to Bob's account)...

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Getting Started

build the compiler and compile/run a move program ruby cargo build --bin compiler ../libra/target/debug/compiler p2p.mvir An account in the Libra Blockchain is a container for an arbitrary number ...