Fried rice

All beginners, and dare I say even non beginners, should have this in their repertoire. It's quick, tasty, and perfect for the day after if you have rice or other leftovers Ingredients: minced garl...

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Property Management

Rental Management


with GC


You can hire someone for $100/hour Can be in the range of 10-15% of the cost of a project for an ADU


can be as high as $27k in California "soft cost" and can be 5-10% of the cost of the project for an ADU

Build an ADU in California

Types of ADUs Garages Basements Separate/detached Above Garage Sample cost for Bay Area is $250k Sample rent for a 1 bedroom ADU is $3k How building an ADU changes your property tax (


Park on the street if you can or here's a list of parking garages Best option is the BikeLink : SFMTA Sutter Stockton Garage (

Take the Ferry

Check ferry schedule ( leave the house 40 mins before departure. if departure is at 10:10am leave the house at 9:30am Download app (http://goldenga...

Go to Embarcadero

Read rules from Berkeley City Council Good summary from Acton Construction (

Chicken Tikka from the butter chicken lady

Tried this and it came out great. I used a grill instead of a skillet which I think both tastes better and is healthier (no ghee or oil!). You're welcome Ingredients 1 pounds chicken thighs or brea...

Mixed Bean Soup

This is where the instant pot really shines -- pressure cooking the heck out of beans that need to be soaked overnight so you can make a great soup in no time. Tip: 1 cup dry beans gives 3 cups of ...

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Learn how to play Pokemon trading card game

also abbreviated as Pokemon TCG learn how to play in 15 mins from this youtube video ( buy the basic card set for 2 players on Amazon (

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Watch ESPN and learn betting

search for World Series poker

Learn the rank of the hands

Scratch (nothing) One Pair Two Pair Three of a kind Straight (five cards in order, any suit) Flush (five cards any order, same suit) Full house (three of a kind and two of a kind) Four of a kind St...

Software literacy

Need to know how to use quickbooks online ($40/month) microsoft project online with enterprise resourcing ($50/month) power BI ($10/month)

A realtime dashboard for your project portfolio and your actual revenues

for builders reduces change order (when you have to increase your cost mid project) better estimates usually means lower variably of costs less risks more collaborators empowered to develop means l...