Butter Chicken recipe from the Butter Chicken Lady

Butter Chicken from the Butter Chicken Lady ( Recipe (with a video!) is at ...

Make great Butter Chicken

I grew up eating the best butter chicken since our family had a hotel with an amazing and famous chef (who now has two restaurants in the Bay Area!). I want to know how to make a great butter chick...

Instant Pot Tips and Tricks

Post your favorite recipes and tips and tricks for using the Instant Pot here If your'e new to Instant Pots, here's the recommended Instant Pot from Wirecutter (

Have better conversations

Great tips by Terry Gross on the NYT for having better conversations: Link ( Here's the TLDR: “Tell me about ...

Build a bigger portfolio of supportive allies

Great article from WSJ about how different people can help us manage different moods and how to build a portfolio of supportive allies: Link (

Increase my circle of friends

Using Rouge with Redcarpet

Gemfile ruby gem 'redcarpet' gem 'rouge' application_helper.rb ```ruby def markdown(text) options = { filterhtml: true, hardwrap: true } extensions = { autolink: true...

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Make my own font

I'd like to have my own font so I can type in "my handwriting". Resources - - -

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Healthy Snacks

Post your ideas for healthy snacks. The requirements are that they have to actually be healthy and not be a vehicle for sugar, salt and fat For example popcorn (use a oil spritzer (https://www.amaz...

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Metabolic Equivalent

Great article from NPR about how reframing how we think about exercise makes a new habit stick: Link (

Steam Bag Vegetables

I recently discovered steam bag peas -- I was impressed with how good it tasted and this is as easy at it gets to get your veggies without doing a lot of work. I dug around (https://healthyeating.s...

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Self Leadership

The most challenging one to manage is you. Most creative leaders can trace their greatest obstacles to something personal - a fear, insecurity, or self-imposed limitation

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Managing the creative team

"Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it" - President Dwight D. Eisenhower

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The chemistry of the creative team

You are the steward of the chemistry in every project you lead. As you cultivate a productive work environment, you must strike a balance between flexibility and expectations, idea generation and e...

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The rewards overhaul

The drive to pursue long-term creative goals goes against the grain of the comfortable trickling stream of short-term rewards that are meant to sustain us and maintain the status quo

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Pushing ideas out to your community

The value of communal forces is tapped only if you are able to market your ideas well enough to engage others. Example of one of the most famous violinists in the world Joshua Bell playing a $3.5 ...

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Harnessing the forces around you

Those with a track record for gaining traction around their ideas are especially good at harnessing the forces of community

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Mental Loyalty

Maintaining attention and resolve. Sticking to a schedule and maintaining loyalty to ideas is hard. Execution is rarely comfortable or convenient.

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Always moving the ball forward

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Managing your energy across life's projects

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