Work from home with wellness in mind

Exercise Eat better Read Challenge your mind Challenge your body Travel Socialize Work/create a side hustle Entertainment Attend events Volunteer Get a hobby Sleep Spend time with family Relocate s...

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Understand the psychology behind morality

“When it comes to moral judgments, we think we are scientists discovering the truth, but actually we are lawyers arguing for positions we arrived at by other means. If you don’t believe that about ...

The Secret Formula to a Long and Happy Life

Many of us spend our entire lives trying to achieve happiness and the perfect life balance to leave us fulfilled. So what is the key to living a full, fruitful life? In Japan, a concept called ikig...

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Comfort a Dying Person

We will all face painful moments sitting next to dying people. What can we say? “You will not be alone.” “You will not feel pain.” “We will be okay.” And when the person passes repeat the Three Mag...

Create an LLC in California

This is what it costs to have an LLC in California: One time registration fee: $70 Statement of information: $20 (every two years) Annual franchise tax: $800 (every year) Steps: Check that your nam...

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I paid a few hundred dollars to see an orofacial myopathy therapist last year and found it quite useful. "Mewing" has some of the same techniques

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How Can We Encourage Girls To Keep Pursuing Math

For every 15-year-old that's about to close the book and say, you know what? Math is not my thing. Get her the support that she needs so that she can get better. For every 11-year-old that is jazze...

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Don't use the phrase 'Too Much Sugar'

instead of saying the phrase “too much sugar” to kids, she prefers terms like "quick energy. Because, honestly, we do treat sugary foods differently.” Rowell sees a lot of young children struggling...

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Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight

The simplicity of calorie-counting explains its appeal As a general rule it is true that if you eat vastly fewer calories than you burn, you’ll get slimmer labels on American packaged foods miss th...

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Raise Kids Without Yelling

Even just showing a smidgen of frustration or irritation was considered weak and childlike Briggs ways were cruder, less considerate and more impulsive Inuit take tantrum-prone toddlers and turn th...

Getting good passport photos

I just paid $16 to get passport photos taken and printed at Walgreens and they were awful. I have photoshop so I'm thinking of maybe just printing my own. I also found out about PhotosMarin (http:/...

How successful people talk

"How are you?" is useless. The person asking doesn't really want to know, and the person responding doesn't tell the truth and this is a lost opportunity and meaningless exchange with zero connecti...

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Give and receive better feedback

there are no bad teams only bad leaders We humans do not do well when someone whose intentions are unclear tells us where we stand, how good we “really” are, and what we must do to fix ourselves. W...

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Flying to Hawaii using Korean Air miles

Go to Korean Air's website Add everyone to the same family plan by clicking on "My Family Plan" and then "Add a member" (https://ww...

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Instant Pot Cream Cheese

Equipment: Fine mesh strainer ( Cheesecloth ( Ingredien...

Learn how to make cheese

There's so many types of cheese and people have been making cheese for millennia all over the world. How hard can it be? We'll find out I guess

60+ Seniors

diet and nutrition physical fitness behavior and mood

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36-59 Middle Adulthood

get cholesterol checked regularly lipid lowering medications if needed after 50 get screened for colorectal cancer diet and nutrition just a teaspoon of sugar has 15 calories and if you consume tha...

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19-35 Young Adulthood

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13-18 Adolescence

yearly checkups organized sports for the kids satisfaction behavior and mood

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